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What is a bagel bun and why are they Popular?

Bagels, regarded in some places as cement doughnut, is a staple food among Jewish communities in the US. It’s made of yeast with a small hole at the middle. Although a lot of people confuse it with donuts because of their striking similarities, bagels are prepared in a different way. And you cannot call them to bread in the real sense because they are boiled before baking. Bagels come in different flavors and they are now an integral part of breakfast for most families.

Why exactly are they popular?

One of the main reasons why bagels are very common for breakfast is their shiny, crisp, and crunchy nature.  They are also quite healthy for those who love such kind of foods but want to keep their calorie intake to the barest minimum. Of all types of breakfast baked pastries, bagel tends to be one of the lowest in calorie. They are also low in sugar, although this depends on how it is prepared. However, those on a low-carb diet and those looking to minimize their salt intake may not find them fanciful for their consumption.  All these can be controlled to give you the required level of food nutrients you need when you prepare your bagels yourself.

Preparation of bagels

As stated earlier, bagels have different preparation methods compared to your normal bread or donuts. After mixing, they are first soaked or cooked in water before baking them. Otherwise, they will be spongy and a bit hard to chew.  But when the entire process if followed, bagels usually taste softer than other types of bread products. There are several types of ingredients and spices you can add to your bagel to make them taste even better.  You can increase the taste with egg, fruits, berries, herbs, and other types of spices.