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Making grilled buns

A perfect grilled bun will always have that unique and rich flavored taste. And there are different methods of toasting buns. You can do this with a toaster, grill, stovetop pan, or a broiler. Below is one of the easiest and tastiest ways of making burns with a grill.


  • 15 ml or 1 tablespoon melted butter
  • Hotdog bun or sandwich bun


  • Preheat your grill for about 6 minutes to get it completely ready.
  • As you do that, open the bun and sprinkle with melted butter. Try to coat the bun evenly with butter. There’s no need to spray the butter at the crust sides of the bun, just spray only at the cut sides. And remember to coat the edges of the bun because they may easily get burnt if you don’t coat with butter.
  • Grill the coated bun for a minute and place on a baking sheet. Then lace the wrapped bun in the preheated broiler. Allow the bun halves to become golden brown before removing. Once it turns to this color, your bun is ready to be served.


You need to place the cut sides of the bun facing the crest of the oven. This will allow heat to penetrate quickly.  And remember that toasting bun is one of the quickest things to do on a grill. So you need to be careful not to leave it for too long.

You can use electric grills, charcoal, or gas grills for this.  This grilling method can be utilized for different bun styles such as hot dog buns, sub sandwich buns, and standard sandwich burns.

Overall, making a grilled bun does not require any special process or method. It’s the same as toasting a bun with a broiler or an oven. The only difference is that with grills, your bun tends to get ready pretty quickly.