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Difference between bagel and bread

The bagel you’ve come to know is prepared differently from the normal bread. If you can’t remember any difference between the two, know that the bagel requires initial cooking before they are baked. But bread is just prepared, mixed and thrown into the oven for baking. Let’s look at each of these two to find out their differences.


Bagel, on the other hand, is prepared from wheat dough that has been yeasted. It is shaped and kneaded into a similar ring shape before baking. However, before baking, you need to boil the dough for about 3 minutes to get it properly ready. At the end of the baking, it becomes chewy at the interior while the exterior becomes crispy and golden brownish.

If you’ve prepared and baked your bagel correctly, it should be crispy crust and have a little pull when you want to break the bagel. Unlike bread with different sizes, bagels are smaller with similar sizes with holes in each bagel. But do not confuse bagels with donuts because of their small size and pierced holes. They too have their differences. Bagels can be made with a wide variety of flavors to give you unique taste.


Bread is certainly one of the oldest foods for humanity. It’s generally prepared from flour before being baked. Bread is baked after mixing flour with water. They are made in different sizes, shapes, and with different ingredients. But a bagel, although made with the similar ingredient, resembles a doughnut.

There are various ingredients used for making bread and they are made in different sizes. Unlike a bagel, you do not boil bread before making them. Overall, the major difference between bread and bagel is in their crust treatment and hydration. So, the above differences are glaring enough to know that when someone is eating a bagel, they are not actually eating bread.